Track Listing

1. Mars on Wednesday
2. Goldmine
3. Deadest Room on the Block
4. Mayakovsky it ain’t (chaositis)
5. He Needs It
6. She Needs It
7. Prince of the Sun
8. Drop
9. Danny’s Day
10. Miss Ground Zero
11. The Buffalos
12. Queen of Sweden


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Spectorbullets follow-up the release of their first single, Mayakovsky it Ain’t (chaos it is), with their self-titled debut album, on Monday November 8th on the recently set up, Scottish-based Mayakovsky Produkts label.

The label came about through late night, marathon discourses on Popular Culture, 20th Century Art & Design, Punk Rock ethics, Post Punk’s prevailing influence, and ultimately the majority of today’s music and its myriad failings to stir even the merest interest; between ex- Fire Engines and WIN! multi-instrumentalist/producer, Russell Burn and journalist and Re-Action Recordings’ label boss Innes Reekie. Opting for the ‘rip it up and start again’ mentality of Post Punk, DIY artwork and inspiration from the most unlikely of places, it was decided, Mayakovsky Produkts was the only way forward.

Spectorbullets, itself initially purely a studio project between Burn and New York City-based, Swedish singer/songwriter, Gustaf Heden, was the obvious first choice as a project to nurture. Meeting purely by serendipity in NYC’s Karma Lounge (one of two remaining smoking bars in Manhattan’s Lower East Side) several years back, they discovered they harboured a similar outlook on most of the aforementioned failings in today’s music industry, and more importantly a very similar aesthetic and desire to do ‘something different’. A long-distance musical/creative relationship began, late night calls on SKYPE, swapping ideas and digital music by email, until they finally communed in Burn’s studio in the shadow of Easter Road stadium, Leith, Edinburgh.

The early results were very ‘pop’, suggesting some of the more subversive facets of Burn’s previous group WIN!, filtering through Heden’s more commercial sounds he had previously honed through writing for film soundtracks, such as his most recent, Springtime, which featured in French actress Julie Delpy’s directorial debut, 2007’s Two Days in Paris. This was merely the sound of two off-kilter talents finding their feet together, in the studio, as one. Things then began to progress at a fairly impressive rate, enlisting the help of various friends along the way. Post Punk Pop Art sounds with an abrasive edge were germinating in darkest Leith. Finally, in Spring 2010, Spectorbullets had more than enough material for the planned debut long-player in the Autumn. Recorded material features guest spots from guitarists Davy Henderson (Fire Engines/WIN/The Nectarine No.9/The Sexual Objects), Malcolm Ross (Josef K/Orange Juice/Aztec Camera), and the last recorded vocal of Scottish genius poet, musician and writer, Paul Reekie, who sadly took his own life in June 2010. During the recording period, Heden also contributed vocals to the most recent Sexual Objects’ single, Outta Place again, with Spectorbullets returning the favour by recording their own version, this time with Davy Henderson on backing vocals. Whilst not available on the forthcoming album, this version will doubtless turn up as an extra track on one of the impending, limited edition CDs of a digital single, which will only be available at live shows.

Spectorbullets are currently planning live shows in the UK and Scandinavia in the Autumn, which will see Burn and Heden augmented by Gavin Fraser on Rhythm Guitar, and Grant Tyrie on Bass.

Some early musings:-

‘Mayakovsky It Ain’t...’ is, exactly as its subtitle suggests, chaos. For all its pandemonium, however, it is clear that both Burn and Heden know exactly what they are doing.
‘Mayakovsky It Ain’t (Chaos It Is)’ is one of the most instantly compelling and exciting singles of the year. It promises much for both Spectorbullets’ as yet-to-be titled debut album which is due out on November 8th and also for Mayakovsky Produkts. John Clarkson – PennyBlackMusic Online

“Sounds like The Rolling Stones being beaten up by Hell’s Angels at Altamont, but being too out of it to care.” John Caples - US Music enthusiast of all things Left-Field

“Spectorbullets seem to have hit upon a notionally quirky pastime in carving out slyly distractive pop nuggets that appear strangely nonsensical, ill-fitted and as though bounded loosely in gaffer-tape to stop them falling apart. It’s sometimes kaleidoscopic, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes folky, sometime baroque-y even at times rootsy and power-poppy and almost always skewiff”. LosingToday.com

“Really liking these tracks. Liked the fact I didn't know what to expect. First reaction was to think of Snatch. Not sure if I can explain that. Then started thinking of Cobra Killer who were one of my favourite acts a few years back.” Kevin Pearce – Author of Something Beginning With ‘O’ (Heavenly Books), and the wonderful blogs Yr Heart Out, The London Nobody Sings and the fantastic Hungry Beat Fanzines

“Thanks for letting me hear this. It’s taken me a number of listens to arrive at the consideration that Spectorbullets is The Make-Up playing skiffle down on St. Marks Place. I think I was expecting it to be a girl group type stramash... but anyway, I think it could catch on and can see where the Bob Hund influence comes in. Over to today’s pop kids”. Lindsay Hutton – Founder of The Cramps Fan Club and The Next Big Thing Fanzine & Blogspot

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